CeNTech R & D

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Carsten Schuck

Center for Nanotechnology, University of Münster
Heisenbergstr. 11, D - 48149 Münster
Phone: +49 (0)251/ 83-63948

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Carsten Schuck

Research Focus: Integrated Quantum Technology

In our research we aim at developing quantum technology for single-photons on silicon chips. We design, fabricate and characterize photonic integrated circuit devices using advanced nanotechnology that allows for straightforward replication of functional units. Our activities focus on three core constituents of chip-scale quantum optics:

  • Design of efficient interfaces between optical waveguides and single-photon sources.
  • Development of nanophotonic devices and quantum circuit components.
  • Integration of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors with nanophotonic waveguides.

Combining all three of these research directions leads to scalable quantum technology with tremendous benefits over classical computation, communication and sensing systems.