CeNTech GmbH

About CeNTech GmbH

As the business oriented division, the CeNTech GmbH provides the platform for entrepreneurs to further develop their research ideas into marketable products. The investors are the City of Münster, the Sparkasse Münsterland Ost, the University of Münster as well as the Ministry of North Rhine-Westfalia (NRW). The CeNTech GmbH is an important collaboration partner for companies, working in the field of nanotechnology and related techniques. The GmbH draws on the talents of academic scientists from the University of Münster and the experts from several institutes and companies. The GmbH promotes the formation of start-up companies in the area of nanotechnology that originate from University research. The founders will be guided through the first years and will be assisted with business and technical know-how.

It is the vision of the GmbH that nanotechnology will increase new opportunities for technolgy transfer and business development out of fundamental research at the University.


  • Organization of International and National Networks
  • Initiation of founding of new companies in the area of nanotechnology
  • Support of nanotechnological companies in economic growth  
  • Patent processing and utilization
  • Development of advanced trainings
  • Organization of scientific events (NanoBio-Europe congress), workshops and summer schools