CeNTech offers the creative scientific environment which is essential for start-up companies and which provides by the close contact to the University of Münster numerous well-educated and particularly motivated young scientists.


At the Wissenschaftspark (Münster-West), vis-á-vis Technologiepark, in very close neighbourhood to the scientific institutes of the University and the Fachhochschule Münster.


Special laboratory space specifically suited for nanotechnological needs (vibration-free foundations, clean rooms, specific instrument pool); elevator, seminar rooms, post facility, digital telecommunication, central copy stations, meeting and social rooms.

Traffic Net

Ca. 20 km from the international airport Münster/Osnabrück; 2 km to highway A 1 (Dortmund-Bremen), 6 km to highway A 43 (Recklinghausen-Wuppertal); 3.5 km to main rail station Münster; 2.5 km to city center; 2 walking minutes to bus station "Mendelstrasse" (bus route #13). (www.stadtwerke-muenster.de)

Car Park

Own car park, directly behind the CeNTech building.