CeNTech Companies

Company Founding

The CeNTech GmbH acts as an adviser for potential founders. The Centre offers on the one hand the basic conditions which are necessary from the company foundation up to the market ability. On the other hand, CeNTech also accompanies the development of the founders in the first years and supports them with the technical know-how by:

  • consulting an external expert's opinion concerning the assessment of the ideas and their access to market analyses
  • mediation of contacts with experts for foundation, financing, right, taxes, management and accountancy
  • organization of advanced trainings, conferences and exhibitions.

Additionally, this supervision can take place in close cooperation with available organizations like the Technologieförderung Münster GmbH which is also a partner of the CeNTech GmbH, as well as the Center for Nanotechnology as an institution of the German federation. Other cooperations allow the access to national VC-companies and business angels. The CeNTech GmbH will provide competent assistance in your economic choices and accompanies you on the way in a successful future.