The Center for Nanotechnology (CeNTech) provides the infrastructure for direct and interdisciplinary collaborations involving faculties of the University of Münster (chemistry, physics, biology and medicine). Research at CeNTech keeps a strong relation to technological applications and shall result in patents for new nanotechnology based inventions which can be developed up to the product level.

The building offers with its about 2400 m2 of laboratory and office space an ideal environment to direct selected ideas and results of nanotechnological research into technical applications. Research and development at CeNTech focuses on the nano scale analysis, thereby the development of novel techniques for the scanning probe microscopy is of particular interest.

The synthesis and the characterization of new nano materials as well as the use of nanoparticles for biomedical application are further research topics. Another important aspect are investigations in the field of biophysical effects like the analysis of intra- and intercellular processes.

CeNTech is not only a special lab. In fact it is additionally offering a fertile platform for interdisciplinary exchange between scientists and industry partners.

Data & Facts

Founded in: 2001

Built in: CeNTech I in 2003, CeNTech II in 2011

Employees: about 120

Companies: 8

Research Groups: 13

Patents: 15