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Marcotech OHG

Dr. Lothar Heinrich
Heisenbergstr. 11
D - 48149 Münster
Phone: +49 (0)251/ 8363-410
Fax: +49 (0)251/ 8363-412

Marcotech OHG

Based on experiences in nanotechnology for both, technical purpose and medical application, marcotech provides nanomaterials of best quality for industrial and scientific use, and executes developments on applied nanotechnology within own laboratories.

A broad range of nanoanalytic tools enables adequate characterization and a cutting-edge quality control of our products. Our customers appreciate our consulting services for the development of innovative nano-enabled materials.

An international network of partner institutes and companies supports the collaboration with our clients in nano-analytics and joint projects targeted to innovative products and enhancement of competitiveness and benefit of our customers. Additionally, our clients appreciate our consultation services, market analysis and supports for the foundation of joint ventures, representative offices and of enterprises.

The portfolio of trade involves

  • Inorganic nanoscaled powders and suspensions (alumina, zirkonia, titania etc.)
  • Hydrogels based on polyelectrolytic or non-ionic polymers.

marcotech is involved in public funded international research projects like nano-enabled drug-delivery systems and nanoscaled low-temperature catalysts for oil processing, and provides to clients profound expertise in organization, management and controlling of joint projects.